Spotlight on a Hero

May 6th, 2013



Grace Born 10/2004 unknown birth place or real date.

In October 2006 I was searching, just 10 months after I lost my second Rottweiler. I found this beautiful 2 year old girl posted. For the first 2 years of life she was part of a breeding program, after her usefulness was over, she was surrendered to the Portland Humane Society in Oregon. She needed to be people friendly, cat friendly and dog friendly. She was, but because she had not been out and about much, she had a social identity disorder...she was convinced that kelp on the beach was gonna jump and get her, fire hydrants were very scary, and it went on and on.

Grace became her new name, she had grace and grace brought her to me. As it happened sometimes she was 'amazing' and often she 'fell from' all that in a matter of 5 minutes.

So, we started our journey, partners for life. She had a lot of lessons to learn and MOST of them she learned well. We traveled all over in my conversion van and then my RV. She was a wonderful traveling companion.

She was not one who liked agility, obedience competition, and running sports were out of the question. But she loved food. Then we found 'nose work' with our local trainer. After just two practice sessions, she got it and was magic to watch.

Before she could really enjoy her new sport she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in mid. January 2013 and was released 2/3/2013 with dignity and love. I had two weeks after her diagnosis to spend quality time with her. I brought in the mattress to the RV, cooked meals, invited visitors over to say goodbye. Yes! She passed with dignity.

Her trainer organized a fund raiser in Graces' name for and raised over $600 for this important research.

She is an ambassador for the Rottweiler breed and an ambassador for rescue dogs.

She is missed and loved.

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Current and Ongoing Trials

April 25th, 2013


Ongoing Trials

It is with great pride and much gratitude that we announce a third clinical study being supported by Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. This study is being conducted by North Carolina State, a trial that will evaluate the impact of carboplatin and Palladia on angiogenesis and survival in canine osteosarcoma. You can read more about this study by going directly to this link:

In 2011 Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc announced the sponsorship of our second research project being conducted by North Carolina State University: a study regarding limb spare implants which are used in treatment of canine osteosarcoma. We are working with Dr. Joanne Tuohy, DVM at NC State to make this possible, and thank her for not only reaching out to us for support, but also for diligently working on getting recognition for Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. on their study's website.

Completed Trial

In 2010, Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. proudly announced their first sponsorship of a clinical trial in canine osteosarcoma at Colorado State University (CSU). This trial studied the potential additive effect of intravenous pamidronate to palliative radiation in the pain management of bone cancer. The final statistical analysis of the gait analysis and NTx level have been completed and the manuscript is being prepared for publication in a major veterinary journal.

75% of all donations to Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. go directly toward funding of specific research directed toward canine osteosarcoma. The remaining 25% are used to support the organization's insurance, federal and state requirements and our website. Officers and Board members volunteer their time, receiving no compensation, and all educational material and merchandise sold by Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. is donated by supporters. No donations are spent on any of these items. And of course any remaining monies are applied toward funding research. Financial reports are available by request.

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